→ No god-modding (taking control of my character during a roleplay).
→ No mary-sues (perfect characters with little-to-no flaws).
→ Cursing/swearing is allowed.
→ I have no triggers, however, let me know before posting incredibly triggering content (e.g graphic gore, suicide).
→ No triggering content on my backstory, so only have triggering content in private messages.
→ I don't do 18+ RP. I'm 16.
→ Developed romance only. No 'love at first sight'. Slowburn FTW.
→ Longer responses (5+ sentences) preferred.
→ I will match your writing style and the length of your replies. Exceptions will be made if I'm at school or busy, but I'll probably let you know.
→ Don't resend replies. I'm less likely to respond. Feel free to remind me about an rp, though!